7 Innovative Products Every Guy Needs


7 Innovative Products Every Guy Needs

Folks… what we’re covering in the current week’s post is basic:

7 fantastically cool, incredibly imaginative items.

What’s more, you may ask: “How is this not quite the same as the month to month MNTL Must-Have 7 posts?

Basic: not at all like the MNTL Must-Have 7 posts, where we demonstrate to you an extensive variety of items, the focal point of the items in this post is quite certain:

Each is exceptionally inventive.

What do I mean by creative? They’re items that take care of an issue… and do it in a cool, new, intriguing… or creative way. For instance:

  • Shirttail supporters (that keep your dress shirts forever tucked in) hop to item
  • Progressive undershirts (that utilization creative materials like rayon and TENCEL) hop to item
  • Modernized dress shoes (that are path not as much as the business standard $600 sticker price) hop to item

7 Innovative, Cool Products For Guys


1. KK and Jay Suspenders

From making you all the more sexually appealing to ladies, to helping you acquire more cash in your activity… you’ve heard me discuss the advantages of dressing admirably.

What’s more, an amazingly simple approach to dress well, and get each one of those incredible advantages:

Wear an all around tucked-in dress shirt.

… But the issue that most folks keep running in to: after you begin moving (taking a seat, standing up, turning, curving, and so forth.)… some portion of your shirt comes untucked (influencing it to look messy, loose, and too huge). Furthermore, does this look awful… as well as fantastically irritating to need to always tuck your shirt back in, isn’t that so?

Men of their word… let me acquaint you with KK and Jay’s Shirttail Garters:

The Shirttail Garter is an imaginative method to keep your shirt gorgeously tucked in (without thwarting your developments). Here’s the way it works:

Like suspenders, the KK and Jay Shirttail Garter interfaces with your socks and to your shirt, and tenderly pulls the two together (keeping your shirt firmly tucked set up).

It depends on an old military outline that uses a trademark, patent-pending cowhide stabilizer (to shield your shirt from turning and bending) and that is totally customizable (so it fits anybody).


2. RibbedTee

Undershirts. Some folks wear them consistently… some lone on particular days/events.

… But for all folks, they ought to be a principal part of your closet. They’re basic for:

  1. Certainty – No overheating, no damp with sweat pits.
  2. Assurance – Your dress shirts are sheltered from pit/sweat stains.

However, here’s something essential you have to know:

Undershirts are not all made equivalent. Actually: generally suck. Most don’t give you the advantages above… or they do, yet they include a rundown of negative reactions (they look unflatteringly cumbersome, they include ungainly/unstylish wrinkle lines, or (to top it all off) they’re plain awkward).

… And for reasons unknown, as folks, we simply acknowledge awkward/unflattering undershirts. Furthermore, I don’t get why… you wouldn’t wear shoes that hurt your feet or clothing that rides up throughout the day, OK?

Obviously not, and that is the reason I adore RibbedTee’s imaginative new undershirts:

They’re a standout amongst the most incredibly agreeable undershirts I’ve ever worn (that is intended to be relatively unnoticeable (more in the note beneath))… and that is interestingly made to give all of you the advantages of wearing an undershirt (keeping you sure and ensured). RibbedTee does this by consolidating two major parts:

To begin with, they utilize a portion of the best materials accessible (from fundamental stuff like cotton shirt… to more imaginative ones like rayon, polyester, and TENCEL). What’s more, second, they’ve discovered the ideal blend of these materials and utilize a remarkably agreeable/flexible undershirt outline.

3. Whiskers King – The Official Beard Bib


We as a whole know: prepping is an unquestionable requirement for hairy man.

Not exclusively does your whiskers influence you to look more alluring to ladies… source yet preparing it each morning can likewise help support your certainty. Be that as it may, sadly, similar to any individual who’s at any point shaved/trimmed/prepped their facial hair or mustache knows: it can be amazingly untidy.

The Beard King is a dead-basic, yet shockingly imaginative gadget that makes whiskers prepping totally not-chaotic. Here’s the means by which it works:

Join the Beard King to the mirror (utilizing its suction mugs), at that point utilize the Velcro lashes to connect the opposite end to your neck (consider it like a kiddie apron). This makes a kind of crate that gets the hair that you trim (instead of making them fall in your sink, on the ground, behind the can, and so on.).

What’s more, after you’re done, you should simply confine the suction containers, point the front end (that was connected to the mirror) towards a junk can… and let the hairs slide out. Entirely cool, isn’t that so?

PS: this (clearly) works best with the correct facial hair trimmer. PSS: cap tip to my companion Kyle at The Distilled Man for demonstrating to me the Beard King.

4. Pro Mark’s Half Brogue Kendrik


Having a couple of gorgeous, well-made dress shoes is another outright fundamental for each man’s closet.

Not exclusively will there dependably be huge events where you require dress shoes (think weddings, conferences, and so on.)… however they likewise are a snappy, simple way enhance your style (add dress shoes to a couple of pants + a shirt… and your outfit goes from easygoing/sluggish to tasteful/organized).

… But like a great deal of folks know: great dress shoes can be ludicrously costly (somewhere in the range of $400 to $600 to $1000+). What’s more, that is the reason I cherish this creative new dress shoe organization Ace Marks:

They began with a Kickstarter venture (a year ago), and rapidly turned into the most-subsidized shoe crusade in the site’s history (and ps: they have another Kickstarter battle that is as of now smashed their past record).

Be that as it may, what makes them so awesome… and what makes them imaginative?

Of course, their shoes have creative/extraordinary plans and examples (like these)… yet what makes them really inventive is their plan of action (and the strangely low costs they offer their shoes at). Expert Marks has a basic, yet ground-breaking pitch:

A $600 Italian dress shoe for under $200.”

Insane, isn’t that so? It shows signs of improvement:

Pro Marks characterizes strong, top notch dress shoes. Each match is:

Carefully assembled – Ace Mark’s shoes are high quality, in Italy, by a group of fourth era craftsman shoemakers.

Agreeable – Their shoes are influenced utilizing a Blake To flex development and cowhide outsole (which makes them staggeringly lightweight and adaptable). They even have padded calfskin insole (which structures to your foot with wear, making them more agreeable after some time).

Strangely Beautiful – Each one is in vogue yet manly… exemplary yet striking (a photo talks a thousand words… understand here).

5. Chronos


I’ve said it previously: every man should wear a work of art, non-smartwatch, watch.

It significantly enhances your style, influences you to look more assemble, and even gives you the James Bond Effect. And keeping in mind that I don’t figure men should wear smartwatches… here and there having the usefulness of a smartwatch can be outrageously decent (it can do things like help keep you fit as a fiddle or control your telephone rapidly/effortlessly). What’s more, that is the reason I was so energized when I saw the Chronos:

This inventive little gadget gives you the best of the two universes: your work of art, masculine watch + the ground-breaking elements of a savvy. Here’s the manner by which it works:

Append the little Chronos shrewd circle to the back of your watch (any watch you need). Next, interface the circle to your telephone through the Chronos application… et voilà, your exemplary looking wristwatch presently has keen usefulness like:

  • Wellness Tracking – It screens and tracks your means, separate voyaged, and calories consumed.
  • Music Control – Control your music by tapping the substance of your watch (twofold tap to play/delay… triple tap to skirt the track).
  • Warning Alerts – You can browse 7 LED hues and vibration designs, and allocate every one to any notice of your decision (notices like an approaching call, another instant message, or alarms from applications including Facebook, Gmail, and Instagram).

Telephone Finder – Continuously tap the substance of your watch and your telephone will sound a “misery” call to enable you to discover it.

What’s more, ps: it’s totally magnet free, and rather utilizes microsuction to connect to the back of your watch (since magnets can meddle and harm your watch’s development).


6. Go Comb – Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener



The Go Comb is the last brush you’ll ever require. It’s thin to the point that it fits in your wallet (simply like any Mastercard would)… however it’s sufficiently solid (made of a high-review hardened steel) that it’s ideal for both your hair and your whiskers.

It was even intended to give you a tangle and without static brush by joining to a great degree fine teeth and an unmistakable, smooth-covered wrap up.

… But here’s the best part: the Go Comb includes a jug opener (so you never again need to open a container with your teeth).

Also, extremely, simply take a gander at that thing… it in a split second makes any wallet more renegade.

7. Lumo Lift Posture Coach And Activity Tracker


You realize that having great stance can emphatically influence the way individuals see you… however did you realize that it additionally bigly affects your general wellbeing?

Awful stance can extend discouragement, prompt blockage, and even make pressure. 1, 2, 3

… And I get it: for the majority of us, altering our stance to be ‘great’ (shoulders even, hips even, arms at your sides with elbows straight) simply isn’t something that we deliberately make sure to do. Also, more terrible… nobody needs to wear one of those peculiar contraptions (that resemble torment gadgets) that power you into having great stance.

Also, that is the reason I adore the imaginative new Lumo Lift:

At the point when your stance turns out to be terrible… it delicately cautions you (reminding you to straighten out to great stance). What’s more, truly, it encourages you enhance your stance in a genuinely basic manner:

Simply append the Lumo Lift to within your shirt (close to your chest) and an inserted accelerometer measures the point of your body. On the off chance that your body falls underneath your legitimate stance (the edge of your body is too a long way from the set ‘right’ edge) it will delicately vibrate.

Furthermore, it shows signs of improvement: Lumo Lift even measures your means, remove voyaged, and calories consumed (progressively)… and stores them, alongside your stance information, into the Lumo Lift application (with the goal that you can keep tabs on your development on enhancing your stance and movement levels).

In Conclusion

From shirttail ties to a great looking smartwatch, every one of these 9 inventive items isn’t simply fantastically cool…

… however each, in their own particular manner, will improve your life drastically as well as less demanding.


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