5 Reasons: Why Every Guy Needs a Holeless Belt


5 Reasons: Why Every Guy Needs a Holeless Belt


We as a whole have them. And keeping in mind that they’ve been around since the times of the Roman Empire… from that point forward, they’ve seen next to no change or advancement (the greatest being the expansion of waist bands/the belt clasp).

… But there’s a major issue with belts… and it’s one that we’ve all accomplished:

They seldom fit well. They’re generally too tight… or marginally too free. And keeping in mind that the majority of you are gesturing your head yes at the present time, there are some who aren’t… so consider this:

An old-school belt has 5 gaps, 1 inch separated, correct? That implies that that old-school belt just has 5 diverse measuring alternatives for you to browse, correct?


Does your abdomen coordinate one of those 5? Or on the other hand, would you say you are sucking in + extend the belt to achieve the following opening (leaving your belt far too tight)… or, the inverse, agreeing to a gap that leaves your belt fitting dreadfully freely (leaving your jeans somewhat listing)?

Fortunately, the belt business (at long last) concocted the holeless belt… a super-straightforward development that (among different advantages) right away improves your belt fit drastically and all the more serenely.

… And underneath, we demonstrate to you what they are, and give you 4 reasons why you’ll need one:

Note: Big because of Anson Belt and Buckle for joining forces with us to make this post conceivable. Anson is the main holeless belt that I for one cherish and prescribe.

What is this?

What Is A Holeless Belt?


To start with, what is a holeless belt? Essentially… it’s precisely what it sounds as is it:

A belt with no openings (the gaps that you use to secure the belt around your midriff).

Rather, holeless belts utilize a microadjustable score framework that is to a great degree successful at holding up your jeans… right where you need them to be.

For what reason Would You Want A Holeless Belt?

Reason #1: Micro Adjustability = A Longer-Lasting Belt


5 Reasons Why You Should Ask for a Holeless Belt this Christmas – Reason #1 Micro Adjustability = A Longer-Lasting BeltSave

Investigate the belt you’re wearing. Take a gander at the openings. How extended, stamped, and tore have the they move toward becoming?

It happens to fundamentally every old-school belt:

In the wake of wearing the belt for a couple of months, the stick (that experiences the gaps) does unsalvageable harm to those openings (abandoning them torn, extended, and scored).


  1. Rather than 5 gaps, 1 inch separated… they have 30 fasten style indents 1/4 inch separated.
  2. Along these lines, at the end of the day: where a standard belt fits 5 abdomen sizes well… the holesless belt fits 30+ midsection sizes splendidly. Also, if your belt really fits your midsection, it implies you won’t need to extend it to the following opening (making those gaps stretch, tear, and tear) just to keep your jeans up.
  3. What’s more, if that wasn’t already enough: the holeless-belt system circulates weight equally on the two sides of the lash (as opposed to just in the center… making it less inclined to wear out as fast).

Reason #2: Microadjustabilty = A Better Fit


So… 5 one-inch openings are not a one-measure fits-all choice, isn’t that so?

… And the inquiry is: do you have a midriff that fits one of those 5 sizes? I don’t… and risks are you don’t either.

In addition, to exacerbate the situation… after #1 above, you know: the 5-opening issue turns out to be more terrible once those gaps begin to extend/tear, correct?

Both of those include something we’re all comfortable with: a belt that is either continually too tight… or always too free (which means your jeans are constantly awkward… or tumbling off).


Two principle reasons:

  1. Conventional belts have 5 gap alternatives… while a holeless belt has 30 fasten choices (which means the holeless belt has 6x more fit choices than the customary belt).
  2. Customary belt gaps are 1 inch separated… while a holeless belt ratchets are 1/4-inch separated (implying that the holeless belt’s gives you a choice to secure your belt 4x all the more oftentimes).

What’s more, those two signify a certain something: a belt that fits you impeccably constantly… and one that fits you as your abdomen shrivels/grows (either after a major dinner/when you put on or misfortune weight).

Reason #3: More Versatility + Instant Wardrobe-Options


5 Reasons Why You Should Ask for a Holeless Belt this Christmas – Reason #3 Holeless Belts Instantly Give You More OptionsSave

Here’s something a considerable measure of folks don’t understand:

Your belt is a standout amongst the most essential parts of what you wear.

What’s more, this is for two principle reasons: 1. it’s one of the main extras that men wear… and 2. it’s a standout amongst the most discernible/evident parts of a man’s outfit.

… And here’s the thing:

Having a well used down, ratty belt is a tremendous kill to ladies… and wearing the correct one, that runs with your outfit, is one of only a handful few required style rules/tips for men.


  1. In short: they don’t get exhausted and ratty as effectively (see #1 above)… and they give you way more style alternatives.
  2. See… most present day holeless belts, as Anson, are even more a belt-and-clasp framework. As opposed to having only one belt (always appended to one clasp)… most holeless belts have a separable clasp (which means you can blend and max any belt ties/clasps that you have).

To place this into point of view, suppose you have 3 belts, and 3 clasps… that would give you 9 distinctive belt alternatives! Really cool, correct?

Reason #4: Buying A Belt Shouldn’t Be A Pain In The…


5 Reasons Why You Should Ask for a Holeless Belt this Christmas – Reason #4 Buying A Belt Shouldn’t Be A Pain In The…Save

The accompanying belt-purchasing circumstance may sound commonplace:

In the wake of meandering through the paths of the retail chain, hunting down the belt rack… you at last observe it:

A mass of belts heedlessly sticking onto a modest bunch of snares, with no request to their sizes, hues, or styles. You in the end recognize the one belt that you believe is your size, in a style and shading that looks approve… yet it’s the distance in the back.

Obviously, it’s been hung through the clasp, so you need to unfasten each and every belt before it… and afterward supplant them all. We’re past this refined man…


  1. To begin with, they’re normally sold on the web. Presently, improves? No. Improve? For hell’s sake. Truly.
  2. Get your belt on the web, have them deliver it ideal to your doorstep, and spare yourself the belt-rack migraine.
  3. Second, a great holeless belt (like our suggested Anson) is one-measure fits all.

They’re normally delivered at 55-inches long (sufficiently enormous to fit by far most of men). What’s more, from that point, you should simply cut the tie (down to the size that fits you)… cut the clasp onto the belt tie (which takes 10 seconds)… and you’re ready.

In Conclusion

The holeless belt is one of those little changes you make in your life, that has an enormous effect.

In this way, quit waddling through life, with your jeans continually tumbling down… or strolling around awkwardly, with your jeans choking blood stream… and get yourself a holeless belt.


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