The 10 Best Beard Trimmers


The 10 Best Beard Trimmers

Folks… we as a whole know the advantages of having an awesome facial hair:

It warms your face in the winter. Ladies think that its alluring. source It demonstrates your certain masculinity.

… But you ought to understand that these advantages don’t have any significant bearing if your facial hair is uncontrollably congested, scraggly, or wild.

To ladies, managers, and associates, that unkempt facial hair sends an indistinguishable message from unkempt (chaotic) hair or garments: that you simply couldn’t care sufficiently less about your appearance to invest more energy.


There are a huge number of electric facial hair trimmers out there, to keep your whiskers out of that muddled express… it’s simply a question of discovering one intended to suit your correct needs.

That is the reason I set up together this rundown of the Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers for Men. It expertly separates each whiskers trimmer’s highlights/benefits… making it gigantically less demanding to locate the best one for you.

The 10 Best Beard Trimmers For Men

In the event that this is your first time purchasing a whiskers trimmer (and you don’t know precisely what you’re searching for), I very propose you read How to Choose a Beard Trimmer for knowledge about the trimmer highlights you truly require.

Every class underneath contains two whiskers trimmers (the best two in every classification, out of the thousands sold on the web). The sprinter up is recorded in the first place, trailed by the best facial hair trimmer.

Presently… this is vital:

The sprinter up isn’t bring down quality than the best in any segment… we simply think our ‘best’ trimmer will work best for the most men. The sprinter up could without much of a stretch be the best decision for you.

Furthermore, PS. After the rundown of best trimmers, there’s a short segment of to a great degree supportive tips for men who need their facial hair to look the total best.[toc exclude=”The 10 Best*”]

The 2 Best Beard Trimmers For The Best Price

These are the best all-around whiskers trimmers at the best ease.

… So in the event that you require a decent facial hair trimmer, however don’t have a particular needs (a trimmer for thick hair, a trimmer for making stubble, and so on.), one of these low-valued, astounding trimmers could be the ideal decision.

The Runner-Up: Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer

The 9854 All-In-One-Trimmer is one of Wahl’s most reasonable alternatives… yet it’s not only the low sticker price that makes this trimmer so profitable.

It’s the high number of highlights the Wahl 9854 All-In-One offers… and that bodes well, correct? It’s an across the board that incorporates:

12 length settings to redo your facial hair

  1. A thwart shaver for a smooth, close shave
  2. A little detail sharp edge for eyebrows, nose/ear hair, and itemizing around your mustache
  3. A scissors sharp edge for hair styles, or for blurring of shorter hair/facial hair styles
  4. Also, it shows signs of improvement:

This model has an uncommon battery life… you can utilize it for 2 add up to long periods of time… subsequent to charging it for just 60 minutes.

Here’s the main issue:

Generally speaking, this $35 facial hair trimmer (from one of the best brands in men’s preparing) is outstanding amongst other qualities on our rundown.

The Best: Panasonic ER224S Hair Clipper And Beard Trimmer


Additional Features:

Waterproof body, hypoallergenic sharp edges

The Panasonic ER224S facial hair trimmer is the ideal trimmer for men who need to look perfect, yet in addition need an uncomplicated styling schedule.

Here’s the reason it works for them:

  1. You can utilize it in the shower to spare time
  2. Its hypoallergenic sharp edges won’t leave rash or razor consume that you at that point need to utilize more items on
  3. It has 14 dial-worked length settings (not little sharp edge connections that you could undoubtedly lose), going as far as possible up to 19 mm
  4. It’s lightweight and accompanies a conveying pocket (so on the off chance that you have to movement, it’s amazingly simple to bring)
  5. It can be utilized while it’s charging, so it’s no major ordeal on the off chance that you neglect to charge it

What’s more, the best piece of this facial hair trimmer is the value you pay for every one of those advantages:

At just $25, in case you’re searching for something more moderate, the Panasonic ER224S is the best whiskers trimmer on our rundown.

The 2 Best Beard Trimmers For Highly Specific Styling

These are the best whiskers trimmers for men who need a considerable measure of control over their style: length, blurring, nitty gritty goatees/mustaches, and so forth.

Every trimmer accompanies various length settings, as well as additional highlights enabling you to style your facial hair precisely how you need.

The Runner-Up: Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Trimmer


Additional Features:

Hypoallergenic cutting edges

The Wahl 9864 model can immaculately style longer facial hair (up to 20 mm) utilizing hypoallergenic hardened steel cutting edges, which won’t leave an unattractive rash or razor consume.

It likewise has 13 connections for very altered styling… and even a minor edge for edging your whiskers, or itemizing your goatee or mustache.

Furthermore, it improves:

The Wahl 9864 has the most noteworthy battery of any facial hair trimmer on our rundown. Charging for 1 hour runs the trimmer for 4 hours add up to… which can mean a long time of styling your facial hair (regardless of whether you invest a long energy styling).

… And regardless of whether you do neglect to charge the trimmer, you can in any case utilize the brisk charge highlight. A short 1-minute charge will run the trimmer for 3 mins.

Entirely cool, isn’t that so?

Here’s all that really matters:

The Wahl 9864 model is an effective bundle for men who need a ton of control over their style.

The Best: Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Groomer #9818


Additional Features:

Hypoallergenic cutting edges

The 9818 model by Wahl is the best trimmer for finish control over the style/length of your facial hair, and there’s a basic motivation behind why:

It accompanies such a large number of trimming frill. The trimming set incorporates:

  1. A sharp edge with 13 length settings (up to 25 mm… the longest facial hair conceivable with a trimmer on our rundown) for the two hair styles and whiskers trimming
  2. A tight detail shaver, made for laying out your facial hair/goatee
  3. A significantly littler detail trimmer for mustache traces
  4. A turning ear, nose, and eyebrow hair trimmer

At the end of the day:

On the off chance that you need a well-done blur on your sideburns or button, a flawlessly delineated goatee or jaw tie, or only a neat and tidy facial hair, the Wahl 9818 model can do it.

Also, it has hypoallergenic treated steel sharp edges that won’t leave a rash after you style your whiskers.

The 2 Best Trimmers For Stubble

A considerable measure of folks need a look between a perfect shave and a full-facial hair: stubble.


You may think the best way to get stubble is shave your face clean and sit tight for stubble to become out, yet that is not the situation:

These best facial hair trimmers accomplish the stubble search for you, so you get precisely the look you need quickly.

The Runner-Up: Philips Norelco QS6160 StyleRazor Pro


Additional Features:

Double finished task

Now and again we men get a kick out of the chance to change our look… make stubble, blur from stubble to full whiskers, or strongly detail hair/stubble.

… And having one apparatus that could do the greater part of that would be inconceivably valuable, correct?

Well… that is precisely what the StyleRazor Pro does.

One end is a whiskers trimmer, and the opposite end is a thwart razor that effectively makes a stubble look (or 5-o’clock shadow).

… And the StyleRazor even accompanies enough connections to make profoundly point by point or blurred looks.

Here’s the primary concern:

On the off chance that you need a great deal of alternatives over stubble/full facial hair, the StyleRazor by Philips Norelco can offer them to you.

The Best: Conair For Men I-Stubble


Additional Features:

Waterproof body, hypoallergenic sharp edges

The I-Stubble by Conair offers men who like stubble/shorter facial hair an entire bundle of advantages:

15 custom length settings for facial hair under 5 mm

A pivoting (not settled) head, which gives you an all the more even length around your button and jaw

A totally waterproof plan, enabling you to utilize it in the shower (spares so much time)

Hardened steel (hypoallergenic) cutting edges that won’t give you breakouts or a rash from shaving

1 hour of runtime from only a hour and a half charge

… And each one of those advantages just cost you around $50.

Here’s the takeaway:

This is an incredible facial hair trimmer, yet it’s the best stubble trimmer on our rundown. What’s more, for men with stubble/facial hair 5 mm or under, the I-Stubble does what its name says: gives a drastically preferred stubble investigate most.

The 2 Best Beard Trimmers For Long, Thick, Or Coarse Beards

In case you’re an intensely unshaven man, you may have had this battle:

Your long/thick/wiry hair gets captured in your trimmer’s cutting edges, pulls horrendously, and takes everlastingly to trim. Shabby facial hair trimmers scarcely trim your whiskers… and you may have experienced numerous trimmers with this issue.

On the off chance that that sounds well-known, one of these facial hair trimmers can significantly change your morning schedule (by making your shave way simpler/quicker). They’re particularly intended to slice through extreme facial hair, and will probably be the last whiskers trimmer you purchase for quite a while.

The Runner-Up: Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300


Additional Features:

Hypoallergenic sharp edges, Turbo Boost, worked in vacuum

On the off chance that you have a thick, full, or coarse whiskers, you know one of the greatest disturbances of trimming can be the bushy wreckage in the sink when you’re set. Isn’t that so?

Well look at this:

The 7300 Beard Trimmer model from Philips Norelco contains a vacuum on the whiskers trimmer that sucks up around 90% of your hair as you shave… definitely diminishing the chaos in the sink.

It even has an unmistakable chamber where the vacuumed hair is kept, so you know when you have to get it out.

What’s more, it shows signs of improvement:

To effectively assist men with long, thick facial hair, the 7300 model additionally has a turbo support catch, which sends additional power into the engine… effortlessly fueling through your thickest areas of hair.

Quite cool, isn’t that so?

This model even has hypoallergenic and self-honing sharp edges that don’t require oiling, monitors that will trim whiskers up to 18 mm, and a 50-minute run time from only a 1-hour charge.

The Best: Wahl Peanut


Additional Features:

Hypoallergenic sharp edges

The Peanut by Wahl is just 4 inches long…

… however it gives the most effective trim of all the 10 best whiskers trimmers on this rundown.

Here’s the secret:

The Peanut is certifiably not a cordless facial hair trimmer… so as opposed to depending on batteries to control the edges (which will back off after some time), the Peanut uses electrical power.

Fundamentally, it never backs off or loses cutting force.

The 7 ft. control line even gives you a chance to have a lot of development around your whole face… and the Peanut is sufficiently little to trim nose/ear hair.

Here’s the primary concern:

On the off chance that you have an excessively masculine measure of hair all over, the Peanut is the best facial hair trimmer for you (in addition, it doesn’t hurt that it’s just $40).

The 2 Best Overall Trimmers

Here we have the two general best whiskers trimmers.

Presently… they may not address particular issues like alternate trimmers… but rather these two trimmers perform so well in such a large number of classifications that they profoundly merit the titles of best general trimmers for men.



Additional Features:

Waterproof body, hypoallergenic edges

This Panasonic trimmer accompanies 39 custom length settings… more than some other facial hair trimmer on our rundown.

That implies that you can alter the correct length of each piece of your facial hair, as far as possible up to 20 mm long.

This model additionally enables you to make blurring on your facial hair and hairline, or potentially change the length of hair on your whiskers (longer goatee to influence the button to look greater, or longer on the edge of your jaw to make a more honed jawline).

Quite cool, isn’t that so?

What’s more, it shows signs of improvement:

You can utilize the Panasonic ER GB60 K to modify your facial hair in the shower, and not stress over razor consume or rash after (since the cutting edges are hypoallergenic hardened steel).


Additional Features:

Worked in vacuum

This is my pick for the best facial hair trimmer… the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7200.

Keep in mind the Philips Norelco 7300 trimmer above? Well… this whiskers trimmer (the 7200 model) likewise has the intense vacuum tidying highlight that can make up for lost time to 90% of your hairs previously they make a wreck in the sink.

In any case, this model has an additional length setting (20 add up to settings)… settling on it an ideal decision for any man who needs total control over his facial hair.

What’s more, it shows signs of improvement:

This Philips Norelco show has the most elevated evaluations of any trimmer on this rundown for its uncommon battery life, corded and cordless alternatives, and a $50 sticker price (which incorporates a 5-year guarantee for any broken parts).

By and large, the 7200 model from Philips Norelco is the best general trimmer that would function admirably for any man.

Step by step instructions to Choose A Beard Trimmer


I get it:

Purchasing your first facial hair trimmer can be a bit of overpowering. There are such a large number of trimmers to browse… and they all have diverse brands, costs, length reaches, and additional highlights.

Be that as it may, there’s no compelling reason to feel overpowered…

… this speedy guide can make it massively less demanding to pick the whiskers trimmer that fits your correct needs.


On the off chance that a trimmer appears to be costly, yet you know it’s precisely what you need and it’s from a very appraised mark, don’t be reluctant to spend the cash on it.

You’ll invest less finished energy with a decent trimmer than supplanting low-quality trimmers on numerous occasions.

Essentially look into “mark name + surveys” online to perceive how great the brand really is.


The sort of facial hair you need to develop will influence the sort of trimmer you require.

A more extended, thicker facial hair needs a trimmer with longer length settings… and a whiskers with blurred/changing lengths needs more length settings, not longer settings.

Consider the sort of facial hair you have and the sort of styling you need to do before you settle on an official conclusion on any trimmer.


Do you jump at the chance to shave in the shower? At that point you’ll most likely need a waterproof trimmer.

Do you have touchy skin? At that point you require a hypoallergenic trimmer that won’t leave a rash.

Do you trim or style your facial hair consistently? At that point you most likely need a trimmer with a long battery life.

As you read our rundown, truly consider what highlights are critical to you… they’ll enable you to settle on your official choice!

Brisk Tips For Trimming Your Beard



When you shower, utilize conditioner (or even a cleanser/conditioner blend) on your facial hair. Delicate, clean hair has less sweat/earth/flotsam and jetsam in it, as it’s smoother and less demanding to trim.


Force your trimmer precisely up, from the base of your neck towards the highest point of your facial hair. Go ease back to ensure you get every one of the hairs trimmed in as few goes as could reasonably be expected… and if your trimmer pulls at your hairs horrendously, pulling them out as opposed to trimming them, you may need to consider getting an all the more intense trimmer.


Check the directions that accompany your trimmer to check whether the sharp edges require oil. The Wahl mark suggests oiling once per month (put two little drops of oil on the sharp edge while the trimmer is turned on). source If you see your new trimmer begin to pull at your hairs as opposed to trim neatly through them, you may need to oil it all the more frequently.

In Conclusion

Only one out of every odd man can grow an awesome whiskers that necessities trimming… so you ought to gladly deal with the facial hair you have.

Utilize this purchasing manual for discover the whiskers trimmer with each element you need and need.


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